The cold winter temperatures are here to prompt you to pass out mugs of coffee or cocoa to members of the family. You share stories while gathered around the fireplace with a light blaze sharing stories.

In some cases, you can’t help sharing how winter has caused your nails to get brittle and your cuticles to get craggy. Actually, you can put an end to this nails and cuticles cragginess. The Rejuvacote nail growth system has provided you only the best option in taking care of your nails.

The Nail Winter Struggle

While winter allows you opportunities to take comfort in your cozy room or have an outrageous snowball fight with someone else, the cold temperature that the season brings cause certain changes in your nails. During winter, the nails grow slower. The nail growth slowdown is caused by slower circulation in the cold weather. If the matrix is damaged, the nail may be deformed or thickened or becomes brittle. The nail matrix is the most important structure of the nail because it is where the nail plate is manufactured. The nail plate is very delicate that it can be easily injured.


Typical Nail Care

Nails easily break or become brittle during winter. One of the most popular options you have is to resort to the use of nail hardener. Nail hardener is a nail polish treatment that strengthens flimsy nails to become less prone to splitting and breaking. Enriched with proteins and calcium, nail hardeners promote or encourage healthy nail growth.


Looming Your Nail

While nail hardeners can be very effective in fighting your nails winter problems, some nail hardeners contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is known for having nail hardening characteristics. It also eventually makes the nails brittle. It can also cause severe allergic reactions at the surrounding nail folds. It can also cause cancer. The National Toxicology Program classified formaldehyde as a carcinogen under conditions with high or prolonged exposure. Some nail hardeners contain acrylic, which causes the nails to split. It can make your cuticles inflamed or itchy. Studies revealed that it also weakens the nails.


The Most Formidable Nail Care System, Nothing Else

From the threats your nails get from nail hardeners, there is no other option but switch to the safer, more affordable nail care system that also ensures quality. The nail growth product to strengthen nails without leaving side effects is in the form of a nail care system, not one but two. Rejuvacote 1 and 2 provides you with a safe, reliable, and quality nail care system. The ingredients of these formulas work in synch with the body’s natural chemistry to stimulate nail growth, provide flexibility and pliability while protecting against breakage and damage. Both are formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP free.

It is very important that when using a product, quality comes with affordability. Rejuvacote 1 and 2 have been gaining popularity recently because of how effective it is in combatting the nails’ winter foes. Be in the loop. Try the nail care system that your nails truly deserve.