Many people suffer from foot and ankle problems in the United States due to chronic medical conditions like diabetes or arthritis or everyday situations like continuously wearing poorly fitting shoes. However, some of these put off seeing the healthcare provider for their feet or ankle problems as they are unsure where to go for treatment. Even some think continuous foot discomfort is normal, but it’s not. If a person has any issue with his foot or ankle, he must see an Oak Cliff Podiatry specialist. This article enlists a few problems or symptoms indicating the need to see a podiatrist. 

  • Numbness, Pain, or Swelling in the Foot

It’s normal to suffer from sore or swollen feet occasionally, like after running or standing for a long. However, if an individual experiences sudden pain, swelling, or numbness in a single foot for no specific reason, it can indicate a severe problem. In such a situation, one should visit a podiatrist. 

  • Nail Fungus

With the rising popularity of nail salons, the cases of fungal infection on toenails have also increased significantly. If left untreated for a long, the toenails can become thick and discolored due to infection. Moreover, there will be a risk of infection spreading to the other toenails. Therefore, visiting the Oak Cliff Podiatry specialist when experiencing nail fungus is advisable. 

  • Continuous Heel Pain

Heel pain can be caused because of many issues. An experienced podiatrist always conducts an exam, takes X-rays to determine the root cause, and then develops the treatment plan accordingly. 

  • Diabetic People

Individuals having Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are usually at risk for foot problems such as nerve damage, poor circulation, infection, or ulcers. Therefore, it’s a must for diabetic people to see a podiatry professional once or twice a year for a foot exam. Regular professional podiatrist visits will help them prevent these potentially dangerous health conditions. 

  • An Ingrown Toenail

Many people consider painful ingrown toenails a common problem and are tempted to remove them alone or visit a local nail salon for help. However, having it removed by a professional podiatrist is much safer and less painful. Moreover, the doctor can also provide medication if the nail is infected and numb the area when removing the ingrown nail. 

  • Joint Pain in the Foot or Ankle

Even if an individual is treating joint pain in his foot or ankle with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, it’s vital to see an Oak Cliff Podiatry healthcare professional to determine the root cause of the pain. It is more important if the pain in the foot or ankle persists for too long. The healthcare provider can work with him to determine a long-term treatment plan. 


Taking good care of feet and ankle is crucial as it can directly affect an individual’s overall health and lead to more severe health conditions. If a person has any of the above-discussed issues with his feet and ankles, he must visit a professional podiatrist. A podiatry specialist can provide the treatment for feet and ankles that a primary doctor couldn’t.