People seeking to reduce the size of their huge noses and nostrils often have concerns over the cosmetic effects of the nasal wing reduction procedure. Large nostrils and broad wings are the two primary contributors to a wide nose, which is the outcome of the combination of the two. This article on the blogger’s website will explain why and where are the wings nose cut and how it could make your nose smaller in the nostrils and the wings. Because we are so sure that it will be helpful to you, we hope you will enjoy reading it.

What Factors Into A Broad Nose?

We want to cover the most prevalent reasons for overly big nostrils quickly, and wing spread before we get into where are the wings nose cut (ตัด ปีก จมูก ที่ไหน ดี, which is the term in Thai) and the intricacies of the overall nose reduction process. Genetics unquestionably have a significant impact. We may provide abnormalities and excessively developed cartilage structures as examples. But as the following examples demonstrate, the nose may seem considerable even when it isn’t.

Projecting Incorrectly

The nose’s breadth may be highlighted when seen in the profile if the nasal tip does not extend far enough.

The Tip Of The Nose Is Pretty Obviously Over Lifted.

When the nasal tip is lifted excessively, it may give the impression that the nostrils are wider than they believe that the nose is more prominent.

Alar Retraction

Even though their noses and wings are not unusually big, some people’s alar retraction may have the opposite effect.

How do procedures to reduce the size of the nostrils and the wings of the ears work?After going through the primary factors contributing to a broad nose, we will discuss any potential rhinoplasty concerns.

The size of the nasal wing and nostrils are often lowered during the rhinoplasty operation. Nevertheless, it is conceivable to perform for those who have this problem. The most common treatment involves reducing the size of the alar base and shaping the bone. The airways’ ability to move air must not be hindered. It can be sufficient to only project or deproject the nose to get a more slender wing profile. As a result, we already included it among the reasons for broad noses.

Numerous techniques, including surgery to reshape the nostrils, are available to narrow the broad noses. Here, your doubt about where are the wings nose cut will be clear. Some clinics use dissolvable stitches after the Closed and Atraumatic Technique procedure to reduce the appearance of a broad nose. There are no visible scars after cosmetic nose surgery.