In order for any being to lead a happy existence, it is essential for his or her body to remain in tip-top shape, which requires it to undergo complete physical examinations on a regular basis. In the same way that it is required to get a machine operating in order to rectify it from time to time, the human body also functions similarly to a machine. Due to the shifting nature of the surrounding environment, it is imperative that we provide our bodies with the opportunity to undergo full body checkups in Delhi on a frequent basis. A comprehensive physical examination covers a wide variety of diagnostic procedures, each of which provides information about a person’s present state of health. If you are considering a full body checkup in Delhi, here you can find the details.

Common tests that are performed under full body checkups in Delhi- 

Here are the most common tests included in full body checkups in Delhi.

Blood test

By examining the many components that makeup blood, a blood test is a preventative measure that can detect potential abnormal changes that may be occurring in the body. Screening your blood on a routine basis is among the most effective ways to monitor your health. It aids in the diagnosis of medical problems, the monitoring of the efficacy of treatment with medicine or treatment, and the making of recommendations regarding your parameters that are well-educated.

Diabetes test

Testing for diabetes is typically performed on persons who already have diabetes. This test is indicated in a medical evaluation to determine the level of diabetes in a person in order for that individual to have a precise idea of their blood sugar levels. You can book Flebo’s full body checkup online very easily.

Thyroid test

It is recommended that those who have issues with their thyroid get a thyroid test at least once every month. In addition to this, people who do not experience difficulties with their thyroid might get evaluated to see whether or not they have this disease.

A test called haemoglobin test is one that examines the amount of haemoglobin present in the body. The medical practitioner elaborates on whether the overall level of haemoglobin in the body is rising or falling.

Vitamin Check

This test is performed under a full body checkup in Delhi to determine the number of vitamins currently present in your body in order to determine whether or not your metabolism is functioning normally.

An eye exam is performed to evaluate the patient’s current vision as well as identify any eye infections that may be present. In addition to this, the eyes are able to diagnose conditions such as myopia, hypermetropia, colour blindness, and so forth.

Blood pressure test

This is the initial and also most significant examination. It is through this method that the amounts of haemoglobin, polymorphs, lymphocytes, monocytes, and platelets, among other things, are measured. This blood test additionally checks for things like cholesterol and blood sugar levels, among other things. When abnormal amounts of any type are found, tests from other parts of the world are carried out.

Liver functions test 

There are certain tests that can be carried out to examine the liver for any abnormalities. Investigations like this look at things like protein, SGOT, SGPT, albumin, globulin, bilirubin, and other similar things.


Even after learning about your family’s medical history, when you are uncertain whether a full body checkup in Delhi is best for you, you should consult your physician. Describe to them the illnesses that have run in your family, the way you presently live your life, the disorders that you have dealt with in the past, and any additional medically pertinent information. Your primary care physician will walk you through the process of selecting the optimal package to evaluate your general health as well as give you recommendations concerning the frequency at which you should get the tests done.