You can stay healthy with Ayurveda not only with supplements, but also through some lifestyle changes, diet changes, and purification program to keep you healthy throughout your life without any serious disease. You also will live longer.

Today’s Western medicine with their ongoing researches for so many years couldn’t even find cure for diseases which are very common like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis. In USA, only one-third of the population is never afflicted by these diseases and the rest suffers one or two or three of those diseases while reaching their old age. Only some preventive cares could have helped them to avoid these diseases, but modern Western medicines don’t have answers.

Invasive and often ineffective medicine is what we are given

Most of the cancer patients are treated with some form of surgery or chemotherapy if the cancer is caught early, and even if you get better, the side effects are quite drastic. About half of the heart attacks of the world are still a mystery; no one knows why a 24-year-old guy can have a heart attack.For diabetes they give you medicines to control the blood glucose level and sometimes it drops so much that it could be fatal if not handled immediately. There are many diseases of which the modern Western medicine has no solution at all..

Whereas if you go back in to the history, you will hear of no such diseases which brings to the conclusion that either those diseases were not there or there was no way to detect those diseases. So, let’s assume there were nothing to detect those diseases, but still some mention of such problems in humans should have been there. So, it must be that the herbal based medicines of that day were more effective than the medicine of today.

Assume there were no such diseases

This is an assumption seems to be quite accurate. The reason could be because people of ancient time used to work, their physical activity was much more than you have today. Moreover, the foods they used to take were mostly homemade and  devoid of chemical fertilizers and insecticides. They used to eat lots of herbs and drink juices from herbs like Kombucha UK. That is the process which used to keep them healthy.

 What should you do today?

All you need to do is to follow up a daily routine which will help you to stay healthy. Avoid fast foods and eat as much as homemade foods you want. Do regular exercise to increase your body activity. Sleep adequately so that you don’t feel tired next day. Also, you should use Ayurvedic Health Products to supplement for the herbs that your ancestors used to take at their time. Follow these simple things mentioned above and you will always stay healthy.