Has your partner recently told you about his erectile dysfunction issue? Have you been finding ways to tell him about how to get treated for the same? Is your partner not ready to listen to you, when it comes to treating this problem?

We know what you are going through. Even though Science has progressed so much and invented medicines like Vardenafil that treat erectile dysfunction, not a lot of men are convinced to get into the treatment mode. They are either skeptical about opening up with the doctor or very afraid of the side-effects. This is when you, as a partner and lover of this person, need to get into the picture and convince your partner to get himself treated.

Firstly, you have to handle him with calm and patience. He is already stressed about what he is going through in his body and thus, may find it embarrassing to even discuss the problem openly with you. The moment you are informed about his erectile dysfunction issue by him, make sure you give him all the support he deserves. It is not something that’s in his hands and thus, you need to let him know that you are with him, even though he considers this a flaw in his body.

Secondly, you have to let him know how important sex is to you. Don’t worry or be embarrassed about it – you need sex as a human. Just because you are a woman, it does not mean you have no desires in your heart. Also, let’s not forget that you want to start a family with this person and thus, you would want him to treat his erectile dysfunction problem. You have to be polite, but straight forward, when it comes to convincing your partner.