If you’re interested in reading enthusiastic, gushing reviews of the Le-Vel Thrive product line, you won’t have to search very far. The reviews and testimonials of Le-Vel Thrive abound on social media, and enthusiastic “promoters” are always happy to share inspiring, first-person tales of how the product altered their lives for the better. Reading le-vel thrive reviews, while helpful, isn’t necessarily the best approach to determine a product’s quality.

Considering that we are not going to blindly accept a big number of reviews, how can we decide if we want to give Le-Vel a try? Let’s start with the product and le-vel thrive reviews itself and have a look at the Le-Vel Thrive Experience.

What does it entail to have a Thrive Experience?

So what is Thrive, then? Product details call it a “premium daily lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach peak mental and physical levels,” and say it includes THRIVE Ultra Micronized Lifestyle Shake Mix, “THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules, and the Premium Lifestyle DFT.” The latter two products are described as “a premium synergistic and naturopathic formula of Plant Extracts, Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-oxidants, Pro-Biotics, Enzymes, and Amino Acids.”

Where can people get a hold of Thrive?

As we’ve already mentioned, it won’t take you long to find Le-Vel Thrive reviews online, and the vast majority of them will be really positive. This could be a consequence of the superior quality of Le-Vel Thrive, but it could also be attributable to its effective promotion and distribution.

Le-Vel operates using a multi-level, direct sales model. Because it offers real, usable goods and focuses on making money through sales rather than recruiting, it cannot be considered a pyramid scheme. While many Le-Vel customers happen to be also Le-Vel promoters, there are many thousands of people who use the term “Thriver” but are not employed by Le-Vel. So, how do you tell which customers are only pretending to be thrilled about the product’s results to promote sales, and which ones are actually satisfied with the product?

There should ideally be a lot of crossover; for example, many vendors are likely to start off as satisfied consumers before going on to the next phase. It’s true, though, that this could cast doubt on the objectivity of some reviews of Le-Vel Thrive. When all is said and done, direct selling offers several advantages to buyers, sellers, and freelancers; nevertheless, it may be trickier to trust customer reviews at face value due to these advantages.

Thus, instead of focusing on the ratings, let’s dig deeper into the product itself.


Thrive Premium Living Capsules are formulated with a wide variety of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics. We’ve already established that the aforementioned can help many people by making up for deficiencies in their diets. There are a number of natural ingredients packed within these capsules as well, including chromium, selenium, vanadium, kelp, glucosamine, and a few others. Using these parts together may help with better joint function, better digestion, and a stronger immune system.

A registered dietician would agree that these nutrients all help promote a healthy lifestyle, thus it’s possible that Le-vel is telling the truth.

Mix shake

The antioxidant-packed lifestyle cocktail combines probiotics and enzymes. It’s like a meal replacement shake, except it tastes better. While the shake and the capsules share many of the same nutrients, the latter are more concentrated in the latter to better aid in weight management and support lean muscle. In addition to the caffeine found in black tea, this product also contains a number of different natural extracts (to provide a little boost for those who might be having trouble getting up to speed in the morning).

In other words, Le-claims Vel’s appear to hold up pretty well when we look behind the reviews, past the excitement, and past the packaging to the real components. This holds true regardless of whether we focus on the box or the feedback.