Our body has certain amount of hormones that play a vital role in our development. Among men it is called testosterone. It plays a vital role in development of male characteristics such as testis and tissues. A male has more testosterone than females in their body. Testosterone brings changes in the body during puberty.

These changes are –

  • Growth of testes and penis
  • Growth of hair all over body including face and pubic
  • Deep voice
  • Building strong bones and muscles
  • Increase in height

The production of testosterone is controlled by pituitary gland and brain. From testes, testosterone moves to blood thereby changing your body features. The testosterone level is higher in 20s and starts decreasing after 30s. Generally, some of us face imbalance in the production of testosterone. This can lead to many problems that need immediate treatment.

Small quantities of testosterone are produced by females in their adrenal system and ovaries. When the level of this hormone is slow many problems like delayed puberty, impotency occurs among men. Thus, to increase the level, testosterone injections are given to men.

This medicine is used by men, who are unable to make testosterone naturally. Depo-Testosterone (testosterone injections) are given in buttocks or intra muscular. It contains one of the androgenic hormones which are testosterone cypionate. These injections are given depending upon the tenure of treatment declared by your doctor.

Every medicine has certain side effects as they are chemicals and not every human body is adaptable to it. Certain minor side effects could be

  • Redness on injection site
  • Skin blemishes
  • Coughing
  • Unpleasant taste and gums

These side effects go away after some time. In case, a person has more serious adverse effects, it is necessary for them to contact their doctor. Doctors usually go slow with most patients who are new for this treatment just to avoid any adverse effects. Not everyone reacts in the same manner to all medicines.

Testosterone injections are oily substance. Thus, they are a bit painful. Hence, they are injected in the large part of muscles. The gap between two injections is 3 to 4 weeks. The impact of this synthetic testosterone on your body depends upon the testosterone level excreted by your body.

Many athletes prefer taking testosterone injections during their training cycle to gain muscles quickly. However, stopping it immediately can lead to certain adverse effects. Thus, it is always recommended by doctors to stop the cycle slowly by completing PCT.