As I am aging, my facial features are fading away, my cheeks are losing their volume, and my face is looking old. Well, I don’t like to look old, that is why I started taking care of my face when I was 25 years old, but no matter what, wrinkles appeared, and this really bothered me.

So I looked for several ways to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, I tried a lot of remedies, and I made many prescriptions at home to try them, but actually, I didn’t get the result I wished for. I heard a lot about plastic surgeries to treat wrinkles, such as facelifts, but I don’t want to undergo surgery because I think it is too early to do so. So I looked for alternative solutions, and I found the fillers.

I saw a picture of a beautiful patient at Novomed Abu Dhabi, showing her face before and after fillers, and she looked very young. The results were amazing, even her skin looked glowing. So I decided to try this treatment, but I wanted to get more information about it, that is why I called Novomed Centers for the fillers in Abu Dhabi and asked for a consultation with the specialist, and they booked me an appointment after 2 days.

I went to Novomed to meet the dermatologist, who asked me first about my concerns and my problem, then he checked my face to define the wrinkles and fine lines. Then he asked me if I have any allergy to any medicine or substance, and I told him that I don’t have any allergy. He also asked me to do some medical tests in order to make sure that I am healthy enough to undergo the procedure.

I did the exams, and the results were fine, so he scheduled an appointment for the Fillers session, and we did the procedure which took like 30 minutes. During the session, the doctor applied numbing cream on the treated areas, then started injecting the substances slowly, until having the desired volume for my cheeks and reducing the wrinkles and fine lines appearance.

After the session, the doctor applied a moisturizing cream to reduce redness and told me that the swelling will fade away in a few days. Now, my face looks young again and my cheeks look fuller. Thank you!