Activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, is a natural substance revered for its therapeutic properties. The most surprising fact is that it is obtained by superheating the natural sources of carbon, such as wood, peat, and sawdust. During the activation process, charcoal molecules are freed up from their bonds and this makes the material extremely adsorbent. The fine black powder so obtained has the capability to bind with atoms, ions and molecules and remove them from dissolved substances.

The substance has an amazing range of properties that make it capable of being used for medicinal purposes. Check out to know more about its therapeutic benefits. Specifically speaking, activated carbon can work wonders for your digestion. If you are considering using it as a digestive remedy, you should know how it works and the benefits it offers as an alternative treatment. Let us know more about activated carbon and the ways it can improve your digestion.

How does activated carbon actually work to enhance the digestive health?

The presence of toxins within the system is the key cause of a variety of digestive issues. Activated carbon is capable of binding with the toxins in the stomach and facilitating their elimination from the system through excretion. It is used in the form of supplements that trap drugs, environmental toxins, poisonous substances, and harmful materials in food which lie within the stomach. Activated carbon not only helps in improving regular digestion by removal of toxins but also serves as an effective remedy for poisoning. The natural mechanism via which this substance works make it a much better treatment option as compared to digestive medications and poisoning treatments such as stomach pumping.

Digestive Relief With Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is used for addressing a variety of digestive issues and is known for providing fast and effective relief.

Alleviates gas and bloating

The substance shows proven efficacy for alleviating common digestive issues such as gas and bloating. This is attributed to its ability to bind with gas-producing byproducts found in foods that induce digestive discomfort. The American Journal of Gastroenterology published a recent study that highlighted the efficacy of activated carbon supplements for decreasing the gas production in the colon and reducing stomach cramps and bloating. A dose of 500 mg with glass full of water an hour before taking a gas-producing meal is recommended to prevent gas formation after the meal.

Eliminates toxins immediately

Activated carbon can be life saving too as it has the ability to remove toxins and poisonous chemicals from the digestive tract. Organic compounds such as fertilizers, pesticides and bleaches, if accidentally ingested, can be life threatening. However, this magical potion can quickly bind these chemicals to its surface and eliminate them from the body, while preventing their absorption. Besides chemical poisoning, it can also relieve the symptoms of common food poisoning. Likewise, it can serve as an antidote for an overdose of over-the-counter medications and prescription medications too. A dose of 50-100 g in adults and 10-25 g in children is administered to address chemical poisoning. Even if you know the dosage, ensure that the treatment is given only by an expert medical practitioner.

Facilitates digestive cleanse

In addition to treating common digestive issues and serious concerns like poisoning, activated carbon also facilitates digestive cleansing. It gradually removes toxins from the body and prevents the side effects that these can cause over a period of time. Toxins lodged within the body can cause a host of health issues such as allergic reactions, weakened immunity and oxidative damage. By taking a healthy gut cleanse, you can alleviate joint pains, boost your energy levels and restore your mental balance. Activated carbon serves as a natural detoxification agent that gently removes toxins from your system and provides good health. A dosage of 10 grams taken 90 minutes before meals for two days gives you optimal benefits.

Considering the wonderful benefits of activated carbon for gut health, it has become a much sought-after digestive remedy today. These products are available in supplemental forms that are safe and easy to consume. Since all health supplements are not created equal, you should choose them with care and only buy a trusted brand. At the same time, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a specialist before taking any health supplement. This becomes all the more important if you are suffering from a specific medical condition or are pregnant or breastfeeding. While you take any health supplements, you should also follow a healthy lifestyle so that you can avail the best benefits from the product being used.