Surgery for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism is called LASIK. After having LASIK, 90% of patients can see clearly without using glasses or contacts. However, it is only possible with proper healing. The following are five practical pieces of advice from experts to help your recovery after getting LASIK surgery at a Singapore clinic.

#1 Recovery Depends on Preoperative Evaluations

The examination conducted before surgery is crucial to LASIK recovery. Ophthalmologists will capture a corneal topography or a 3D eye map at initial consultations. The evaluation will determine if a patient is a good candidate for LASIK or whether you should consult about another eye procedure, like ReLEx Smile, at the Singapore clinic. Before having surgery, experts advise visiting an optometrist.

#2 Get a Ride Home

You cannot drive after undergoing LASIK surgery at the Singapore clinic. Hence, you will need to make transportation arrangements. Your doctor may also give you medication during the procedure that could obstruct your vision and make it challenging for you to drive. Ensure you have a sober companion who can assist you in getting home.

#3 Rest is Crucial

After the LASIK surgery at the Singapore clinic, patients are typically encouraged to take a nap. The laser incision can make you feel like there is a lash in your eye or like a foreign body. However, they will recover more quickly and feel better the more you close your eyes.

#4 Eye Drops are Valuable

Your ophthalmologist will likely provide your eye drops after undergoing LASIK surgery at their Singapore clinic to prevent dry eyes. About half of LASIK patients experience dry eyes a week after surgery, and 20% to 40% of patients still experience it six months following surgery. Call your doctor if your dry eye persists or hurts.

#5 Eyes Also Age

Many people believe that their LASIK loses its effectiveness after a few years. Also, many refuse to undergo LASIK surgery due to the cost in Singapore and abroad after hearing others say their procedure fails after some time. Most patients think it is not worth the price. But the truth is that your eyes will age with you. Although LASIK is permanent, it cannot stop ageing. People in their 40s will require reading glasses since the lens inside their eyes change with age.

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