Anytime you see a drug addict, they grew into an addiction and it was not a one-day affair. In as much as so many factors influence drug addiction, in general, drug abuse treatment specialists agree that addiction occur in five main stages. However, during the first two stages one can easily recover and not necessarily visit a drug treatment centre.

Before things, get worse you can encourage a drug addict to reach out for help or you can help them get the support they need.


This is where you attempt something in this case drugs for the very first time.

Most first time users do it just for fun without recognition that they have made the first step towards drug use. The reason why most people experiment drugs is curiosity and pressure from peers.

The group that is at a high risk of experimenting are those battling stress, have a family drug history and at times, the drugs are available around them.

Regular Use

The second stage of drug use is regular use; this is where someone develops a pattern of taking the drugs the first had an experiment. It may not be every day but sometimes during weekends.

At this level, the drug users start taking drugs alone and even chose the drugs to take. It is at this stage the user begins to rely on the drug mentally and it becomes slightly challenging to quit using drugs.

However, the users tend to feel shame for their new behaviour and at times justify why they are into drugs.

High risk use

The third stage of drug addiction is high-risk use. At this age, the user is fully into drugs and it is visible by those around them.

They will battle issues such as hangover and may face financial difficulties due to the growing addiction.

Some of the behaviours you can notice among the user is borrowing or stealing money to buy drugs, irresponsibility and lack of interest in things that previously excited them.

Full addiction

This is the level of full reliance on the drugs and it is visible to those people around the drug user.

When the addict does not take the drugs they shake, sweat and the body trembles. Drug addicts end up spending their productive time taking the drugs.


The last level of addiction is treatment; this is where the addict has not control of their drug use behaviour and it has come to dangerous levels.

At this point, they are threat to themselves and people around them. It is prudent to seek the help of a rehab centre or a drug addiction treatment centre. If you are around a person who is at this stage, you can seek help on their behalf.

In conclusion, whether you are at experimental stage, regular use, high-risk use, full addiction or treatment stage, help is always available for you. You can book an appointment with Rise Recovery Services and get help on how to overcome any kind of drug addiction through their comprehensive drug detox program in their rehab canter.