Bongs are filtration devices used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, hemp, and other herbal substances. A Beaker base bong is a water pipe with a wide beaker base used for smoking dry herbs. Rick and Morty is a famous animated science fiction sitcom. Rick and Morty’s beaker base bong has animated pictures based on the Rick and Morty sitcom superimposed on the glass beaker. The most common bong varieties include beaker base bongs and straight tube bongs; however, other types available include flared bongs, bubble base bongs, and bongs with pyramid-shaped bases.

Beaker Base Bongs

It is a water pipe that has a wide base. It comes in different sizes and shapes. The beaker base is larger than the base of the straight tube bong; it also has more capacity for water storage and is more stable when placed on the table. Due to their increased surface area, you can use them for artistic decorations. Though glass beaker bongs are more common, bongs are also available, made from acrylic or silicone. The material used for manufacturing the bong gives a different experience. Acrylic and silicone bongs are less accident-prone than glass beaker base bongs.

Compared to a straight tube bong, Beaker base bongs can hold more water in their wide base leading to a higher filtration and smoother smoking experience. The wider base gives more stability when placed on the table and is less prone to breakage from accidents. They are available with and without percolators. They may also be available with features such as built-in ice catchers and fixed downstems.

Rick And Morty Beaker Base Bong

Rick & Morty Beaker Base Bong is a bottle-shaped glass bong. Even though it has a bottle shape, it is more stable due to its circular base. It has a beautifully decorated bong with coloured accents on the mouthpiece and base. When the dry, pulverized weed in the small bowl is lit, it combusts. When you inhale, the water in the bottom of the bong bubbles, smoke rises, and the chamber finally reach your mouth and nose.


Beaker Base bongs are more advantages than straight tube bongs due to their wide base that can hold more water leading to more filtration and a smoother experience. Rick and Monty’s beaker base bong has all the advantages of the beaker base, and it is more artistic and attractive due to the coloured accents based on the sitcom bearing the same name.