Testosterone has great beneficial properties: it strengthens bones, prevents diabetes and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. To reveal what could be defined as “unsuspected qualities” of the male hormone par excellence, they were highlighted by the experts of Federico II of Naples. Far from being an accomplice to the couple’s desire, testosterone is actually a sort of “health barometer” for the whole organism. Unfortunately, however, as we age, a drop in testosterone is physiological and, starting from the age of 40, it drops by about 1% per year. “A visit is necessary as soon as symptoms such as tiredness and a reduction in the growth rate of the beard occur because recent scientific evidence suggests that the rebalancing of the physiological levels of this hormone.


Testosterone deficiency, in fact, leads to an increase of two and a half times the risk of cardiovascular mortality over 10 years compared to those with higher levels, regardless of other factors, such as smoking and ciclo de esteroides alcohol, explains Bruno Giammusso, responsible Andrology Unit of the Morgagni Polyclinic of Catania. Furthermore, a deficiency of this hormone increases the danger of getting diabetes by 50% and is also related to osteoporosis: so much so that one in two elderly people with a fracture of the femur has a deficiency. The estimates speak of about one million Italians between 40 and 60 years of age who have a testosterone deficiency, to which are added about 650,000 over 60. The problem can be countered, but you need to turn to the specialist and avoid DIY solutions. One of the biggest risks is to go to the web.


1) Like Amigay, we believe that the restriction on serious diseases for Triptorelin is humiliating and produces damage, sometimes induced by the need to obtain the drug overcoming the moralistic obstacle.

Furthermore, these restrictions increase the abusive consumption of Cross Sex Hormones already in adolescents.

In some countries, Gender Variant adolescents are also allowed to use Cross Sex Hormones after a triptorelin.

2) As Amigay we ask the Minister of Health, as well as to always provide complete and correct information, also to include in the LEA the Cross Sex Hormones for Transgender people, whatever their personal sex and natural life during, in each Asl in Italy.

3) We also ask to remove the Gender restrictions for some screening and therapies, such as HPV vaccine, PSA, PAP test, Mammography, and related oncological pathologies, in defense of human dignity and health rights of Transgender people.