Just as with any specific surgical procedure, there are vital rules that you should even follow post breast augmentation sioux falls sd which can make sure you get a smooth recovery. Surgery is undoubtedly one of the initial steps to get fuller and beautiful breasts. But following the surgery period, the recovery period is extremely crucial during which your body heals and the new silicone implants settle down in your body and takes the actual shape and position.

During this time, it is necessary for you to follow few of the dos and don’ts so that you can recover with ease. For more information on breast augmentation in Washington DC, you can take a look at their official website. Read on to know some of the necessary dos and don’ts.

Dos of post-operative care

  • Eat any food that you usually eat irrespective of any operation
  • Drink any kind of alcoholic beverages just after you’ve completed your pain medications
  • Always sleep on your back
  • Return to your office work only when you feel comfortable
  • During the initial 2 weeks, you should life your arm till the level of your shoulder
  • During the initial 2 weeks, you can lift objects to 5 lb
  • As per the doctor’s recommendations, you should massage your breasts and make sure you don’t disobey his advice

Don’ts of breast augmentation surgery

  • Don’t sleep on your sides or on your stomach for at least 6 weeks
  • Don’t jump, run or perform any kind of physical activity which makes your breasts bounce as this might break open all wounds and incisions or even run the risk of dislodging the implants
  • Don’t try to take a closer look at the scars by pulling up your breasts or don’t lift your arms to check whether or not the armpit scars are gone. This will lead to the risk of opening up the wounds and stitches
  • Don’t lift your arm till your shoulders, particularly when you have an armpit wound
  • Don’t take a bath for the initial 2 weeks but after the initial few days, you should take a shower and make sure your wounds are dried off. You can use a hairdryer on a very low setting to dry off the wounds and also the dressings
  • Until your doctor has advised you to do so, you shouldn’t remove your surgical bra except for the time when you’re washing
  • Don’t wear a wired bra for at least 6 weeks post-operation

Therefore, now that you see that the don’ts of post-operation are more than the dos, you should strictly follow them in order to recover in an effortless and easy manner.