With kratom tea you get the most out of your medicine. So here is the recipe for ultimate kratom tea. It is a popular herbal remedy, which is thought to have both stimulant and relaxing effects, depending on the species. In powder form, it is an extremely versatile product that can be used in countless ways. One of the most soothing and pleasant ways is to draw a tea and we explain how you do it.

A Pair of Small Comments

First of all, we want to indicate that the alkaloids in kratom, Mitragyine, are stable at higher temperatures, in contrast to other vegetable alkaloids. This means that the risk of power loss due to hot temperatures is minimal. Nevertheless, the experts recommend to let your water simmer for this recipe and not to boil. Experts also recommend adding the juice of a whole lemon to your drink. This not only tastes great, but the acid element of the juice will help protect the alkaloids in the medicine. When you buy kratom tea then you will have to take this into account.


The amount of this drug that you use depends largely on the desired effect. Because kratom works differently for everyone, you will have to work towards your personal, perfect dose. The diagram below, however, offers a good starting point. There are many ways to dose yourself with its powder, so we thought it would be handy to collect the three best ways.

Kratom has long been used as an herbal remedy, which can act as an analgesic, stimulates the energy level and relaxes body and soul (among other, anecdotal applications). In powder form it is an extremely versatile substance. So here are three great ways to use it.

Hap, Click, Away

This is the fastest and easiest way to take it It works very simple: Fill your mouth with water, add your dose of powder, mix it in your mouth and swallow.

Make Yourself Capsules

Another, incredibly easy way to dose yourself is to make a load of capsules yourself. You only need some gelatin caps (or a gelatin-free alternative for vegetarians). Then fill the capsules with powder, close them and voilà! An additional advantage is that the gel capsules with kratom can be stored for later, for a quick and easy dosage. It is possible to fill the capsules by hand, but this can be a long-term job. If you want to speed things up, and simply want to make these capsules yourself, you can use a capsule kit with which you can make a large stock of capsules at the same time.

Make Tea

Finally, kratom also works extremely well as a tea. The alkaloids of this medicine are resistant to high temperatures, although they should not be boiled for too long. Simmer the herb at a somewhat lower temperature. To increase the solubility of the alkaloids in the water, add the juice of a lemon or a bit of citric acid if you have one. This provides an extremely tasty and relaxing delicacy, especially when adding extra ingredients such as honey or cinnamon! If you are interested to buy kratom tea, you can find our simple recipe here. There are, of course, many ways to use this in powder form. If you have a preference for a way that has not yet been mentioned here, let us know!