Artemisinin is found in a plant called Artemisia Annua plant that is being used by the Chinese for about 500 or 600 years as a cure for fever. It is now being used to treat malaria and many other illnesses. Soon, it will be available in the United States under the name Coartem and professionals want those who travel to countries where malaria is prevalent to bring this with them in case of emergencies.

The plant is also known as Qing hao as a Chinese medicine name is also known as sweet wormwood or sweet annie. It is believed to be a great medicine that could alleviate fevers, treat infections and promote the immune system. Because of this, researchers became very interested and started experimenting with it. They then found out that it could treat malaria and is currently being investigated for its anti-cancer effects.

What is the main use for Artemisinin?

It is mainly used in treating malaria and it has been said that the drug Coartem wiped out the disease in about 96% of the patients. It is also very effective in treating tuberculosis and other bacterial infections. Other reports say that it is very effective in treating scabies which is caused by mites, and also worms and parasites from African sleeping sickness and River Blindness. Some use it for viral and fungal infections. Patients who have AIDS have been using it to prevent fatal lung infection which is caused by a fungus. Artemisinin is used to promote immune system and is being studied as a possible treatment for cancer.

Possible Side Effects of using Artemisinin

About 3.4% of malaria patients have encountered some side effects which include nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. It has a very low toxicity which is why only a small percentage encountered these side effects. Some may experience allergic reactions if administered via injections. Other possible side effects that weren’t mentioned are low bouts of fever, darkening of urine, skin rashes, drowsiness, and much more. Taking this supplement may cause anaphylactic shock if allergic to the Asteraceae Compositae family like avocados, daisies, and marigolds. A pregnant woman should not take this especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy.


What is the correct way of taken Artemisinin?

This drug should always be taken with food. You should also take it with a coenzyme Q10 supplement and eat cod liver oil, cottage cheese, or fish oil to help in absorbing these supplements. You could also take it with Vitamin C after breakfast to help in absorbing iron and always remember to wait for 3 hours before taking the other. It is also recommended that you drink green tea once you start taking Artemisinin.

Studies have proved that this drug is effective and is currently being experimented for other possible cures using it. The most important experiment being done to it right now is knowing if this can be used as a treatment for cancer which will then be a great and natural way in killing cancer cells in the body.