Titan Gel will allow you to enlarge your penis without any health risks and dangers. Having a large penis is one of the most important dreams of a man. Titan Gel is best for you as it will not take much time and you will not have to do complicated exercises. Advanced technology and natural ingredients are used by the manufacturers to provide their consumers with high and effective performance. Most of the time the first result of applying Titan Gel appears with a week of regular use. They are manifested by prolonged sexual intercourse and hard erection of the penis. After using Titan Gel for a month, it is guaranteed that the length and girth of the penis will increase in more than 8 to 10 cm.

One of the best factors of this gel is that it improves blood flow to the penis, which is the key for penis enlargement. By applying the Titan Gel you can significantly increase its effects in conjunction with exercises that can also stimulate penis enlargement. Titan Gel Premium shop provides you with all these amazing products in the top quality and competitive prices. The combination of Titan Gel and exercises will provide the answer to the most asked question of how to utilize Titan Gel for maximum effect and results.

How to Use Titan Gel?

Doing penis enlargement exercises will have different results when combined with the Titan Gel. Upon entering the structure of the penis, the gel to enlarge the penis stimulates the process necessary for the success of the exercise. In addition, Titan gel increases sensitivity and length of the penis which will help you to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. Here are some instructions to follow while using the Titan Gel.

  • Lubrication
  • Erection Level
  • Grip
  • Start from the Base and Move Upwards
  • Repeat these steps


Lubricate the penis long before you start exercising. This is the stage where Titan Gel provides the most results.

Erection Level:

While using Titan Gel move your penis lightly but don’t exaggerate too hard to bring it closer to the middle of the lift. This position is recommended because this is an ideal position for pumping blood in the penis.


Although Titan Gel speeds up the blood circulation from inside, you should technically press the penis with thumb and fingers forming an OK grip sign. This type of grip will allow Titan Gel to reach at every cm of your penis to increase blood circulation.

Start from the Base and Move Upwards:

This instruction recommends gripping your penis at the base as close as possible to the pubic bone. This will allow training the entire penis from its base to its head. Move upwards by slowly lifting the penis shaft, applying maximum pressure to the penis but the pressure should not be at the point that does not hurt.

Repeat these steps:

It is necessary to repeat the same procedure again and again for maximum stimulation of the blood in the penis. This will help you to gain the extra inches of your penis and to live a sex life full of pleasure and satisfaction. More info available at: https://titangelpremium.com/