Although Fildena drug can treat prostate enlargement and male impotence, it is mainly manufactured to treat erectile dysfunction. An FDA-approved safe to take, there are certain things that a male patient must learn and remember before taking it. Consuming Fildena drug as prescribed will make it more efficient and altering the dosage or the intake period will have its consequences that you don’t want to experience. So read on.

Because its manufacturer, Fortune Healthcare, wants male patients to approach taking Fildena drug as a long-term solution to erectile dysfunction, it would be better to consult with your physician first. If you are suffering from any health issues and taking medications for this, there might be counter-intuitive effects. You may even lead to thinking that Fildena is not effective at all without realizing that you are taking it along with other drugs particularly those with alpha and beta blockers. This won’t do.

Also, a doctor consultation is necessary to determine if you are allergic to sildenafil citrate, the drug’s main active ingredient. A few laboratory tests may be required. Other than this, a lifestyle check may be advisable especially if you are a chronic drinker or chronic smoker. You have to be honest about this because alcohol and the ingredients in cigarettes, just like other ingredients in medicines, may affect the overall effectiveness of Fildena in treating your erectile dysfunction. The same goes for if you are drinking specially formulated health juices.

In using the drug, you will attain and maintain an erection for up to 6 hours provided that you take it correctly and diligently. Read the prescription on how to use Fildena properly. At most, you should only take one capsule or tablet within 24 hours at least 20 minutes before any planned sexual activities. Taking two capsules may lead to overdosing that may result in other health consequences such as visual or hearing loss and other adverse side effects. Again, you don’t want this to happen, neither does the manufacturer.

Never ever self-medicate, which means deciding for yourself whether to take the 100 or 150 mg tablet or capsule from your current 25 mg intake. This often happens when some patients experience the effectiveness of Fildena and want to prolong its effects. There are reasons why 25 mg is given to you. Also, the experts would need to determine if it is appropriate to increase the dosage or not. Sometimes, the dosage is not the problem but how you consume the drug.

Erectile dysfunction is entirely treatable by medication, lifestyle changes or the combination of both. Sildenafil citrate is one of the most commonly used medications for this condition. However, for it to work optimally, lifestyle changes are also necessary along with educating yourself how to use the drug properly. Improper use, which basically refers to wrong dosage and wrong intake, may not give you the results you need and want. You’ve already suffered enough due to the condition; don’t prolong the suffering by keeping all these things in mind.