Reason for Cocaine Addiction

The main reason for dependence on cocaine is that tolerance develops very quickly (tolerance in medicine means that you need to take an increasing dose to receive pleasure). The addict loses self-confidence, getting used to the feeling of liveliness under the influence of cocaine. In the period without the influence of cocaine, depression and apathy develops. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that causes arrhythmia, dangerous high heart rate, high blood pressure and the addicts have damaged blood vessels in the airways. Cocaine- dependents, often suffer from epistaxis (bleeding from the respiratory tract).

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Excitement from the use of cocaine is very intense, but it does not last long. Cocaine gives a sense of energy, strength and vivacity. Psychological effects of cocaine include a sense of well-being, a feeling of incredible strength, sometimes misinterpreted to be mingling with anxiety.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Mostly, the doctor’s methods are based on a scientific study of the behavior of receptors that react to the presence of cocaine in the brain. These doctors use drugs that are initially given intravenously for 2 to 3 hours. The drugs that are used cause a modification of the cocaine receptors and also modify the work of serotonin, histamine and endorphin receptors. After the intravenous treatment, the patient may feel a state of depression and apathy – something that is not peculiar to cocaine addicts in the period of giving up the drug.

After the intravenous phase of treatment of cocaine dependence, the patient receives a set of drugs that improve the mood of patients, improve work capacity, equalizes the restlessness and sleep regime, etc.

Drugs that are taken by cocaine-dependent by the method of doctors, gradually return the normal work of receptors that are responsible for the positive state of health, working capacity, treatment of depression, apathy, etc. Outpatient treatment of cocaine dependence lasts 3 months. The patient during this period leads a normal active lifestyle and comes to the clinic for psychological, psychiatric support and obtaining medications.

Advantages of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

  • Physical dependence on cocaine is withdrawn in one session of around 2 to 4 hours.
  • Addicts do not need to endure anything and wait for something to become easier. Thus, the risk of nervous and mental disruption is reduced.
  • Highly professional planning of the treatment process, the selection of safe drugs and a high level of staff training ensures the passage of the procedure without complications.
  • Rapid return to a normal lifestyle. Literally, in 2-3 days patients can start to get used to a normal way of life – to work, study, play sports.
  • The lack of the need for inpatient treatment lasting several weeks, during which no relatives or other close people can meet the patient.

So for this, you need to take the first step of realizing that the cocaine addiction treatment is really needed. After this, undergo a detoxification procedure, and then undergo a rehabilitation course. And only after this start a new life without drugs, and firmly hold on to the decision.