A root canal treatment is a common dental procedure that aims to remove cavities from your teeth and maintain oral health. Thinking about delaying your root canal treatment even after experiencing excruciating pain? A dentist in Dacula, GA, says it can worsen the situation and ultimately result in losing teeth. This article highlights the top 6 reasons why you should not delay your root canal treatment. Let’s dive in! 

Top Reasons To Not Delay Your Root Canal Treatment 

Here are the top reasons not to delay your root canal treatment: 

1. Relieves Tooth Pain 

If you have tooth cavities, it might cause extreme pain and discomfort. Through the root canal treatment, your dentist will remove this cavity, which releases pain. The procedure is done under the local anesthesia to make the procedure completely painless. The sooner you will get your RCT, the better it will heal.  

2. Stops Tooth Infection 

Since the inner pulp of your tooth is infected through decay, it may enter your bones, nerves, and the entire mouth, causing infection and other diseases. Thus, getting a root canal treatment is recommended as it stops the infection and prevents it from spreading further. 

3. Helps Body to Fight Diseases 

Certain diseases like tooth cavities and gum infections do not go away on their own. In most cases, you must consult a dentist and get root canal treatment. If left untreated, the bacteria can travel to your nerves and blood streams, causing other diseases. An RCT treatment can stop diseases from spreading. 

4. Prevent Further Tooth Damage 

One of the major concerns for people experiencing tooth infection and delaying root canal treatment is the chance of tooth damage. If not treated timely, the bacteria can spread deep into your roots, causing gum and jaw infections, causing pus, bleeding gums, and more. If left untreated, it boosts the chances of inflammation, triggering other health conditions such as heart disease and stroke. 

5. No Teeth Extraction 

Chewing, speaking, and eating from a decayed tooth is complex. Additionally, there is a high risk of falling teeth. The dentist can save your tooth from extraction through root canal treatment, which maintains the overall aesthetic. 

6. No Self-healing 

A broken, decayed, or chipped tooth is not similar to a sprained elbow or ankle, which can be healed on its own. However, most people ignore tooth issues, which adds to the complexities. It is best to visit your dentist and not rely on self-healing. 

Wrapping Up 

If you’re experiencing gum or tooth issues, visit your teeth expert and get RCT. This article highlights the top 6 reasons you should not delay your treatment.