Most people have a negative perception of radiation. Radiation is dangerous to health and can cause diseases, which is partly true. A human has a limited dosage of radiation during his lifetime. But did you know that radiation is also used in medicine? Radiation therapy in Singapore is one example. It is one of the most effective cancer treatments today.

But don’t worry; your Radiation doctor in Singapore follows strict guidelines regarding radiation use.

This article will debunk myths and misconceptions about radiation therapy in Singapore:

MYTH #1: You become radioactive when you undergo radiation therapy.

There are two types of radiation therapy in Singapore; external and internal. You are safe to be with other people, but with a few considerations in internal radiation therapy. In this process, radioactive material will be implanted inside you near the cancer site. The radioactive implant may be removed or remain, depending on the recommendation of your radiation oncologist in Singapore

In the meantime, you should distance yourself from pregnant women and children when you have the implants for safety precaution.

MYTH #2: There is a chance of second cancer after radiation therapy

Many people are worried about developing second cancer as a complication of radiation therapy. However, these are rare cases. More often, the benefits of the treatment outweigh the cancer risks. It is better to discuss your concerns with your Mount Elizabeth radiation doctor instead of believing myths.,

MYTH #3: Every cancer treatment needs radiation therapy

Your cancer treatment plan is on a case to case basis. It all depends on each person’s cancer diagnosis, type of cancer, and severity. Start considering your radiotherapy cost in Singapore if your doctor will likely incorporate radiotherapy.

MYTH #4: Radiotherapy is painful

External radiotherapy is painless. There may be a few discomforts with internal radiotherapy. Tell your radiation doctor in Singapore immediately if you feel uncomfortable during the treatment.

Radiation is frequently misunderstood, but it is beneficial in the medical field.

Learn more about radiation therapy from your Mount Elizabeth radiation doctor– Dr Johann Tang – Radiation Oncologist Singapore