How are you handling your stress these days? Do you meditate? How about exercise and eat the right foods? Do you read a book to reduce stress? Have you ever considered playing video games to reduce stress? Believe it or not, the answer to lessening your stress may lie in you playing some video games. Research has found that playing video games can lead to a quick reduction in your stress levels. Why would playing video games reduce stress? Scientist have discovered that video games act as a distraction and are great at getting your mind focusing on something else. What type of games should you be playing? It does not really matter what type of games you play as long as it is a distraction from whatever is driving your stress. A simple game on your smartphone will usually work just fine. The research also found that people who regularly play games have lower stress levels, are always in a better mood, and have do better in cognitive performance. What about children versus adults? Aren’t games just for kids? In another article, it found that games are beneficial to children and just as effective on adults. Some of the benefits found through game play include: reduces depression and stress in all ages, provides pain relief, improves the development of motor skills especially children, is therapeutic, improves decision-making skills, can improve your vision, and keeps you happy.

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