A fever is not necessarily a sign of worries neither does it always indicate a bad thing. Sometimes, the body temperature rises to fight off some illness or risks of infection. However, you need to find ways to bring down your child’s body temperature, if it goes high than the normal 37 c, to save him/her discomfort and dehydration. There are few-reducing medications with quick relief but what if you want a non-medical approach to this problem to lower the fever? Well, you should not worry at all as there are ways to cool down the body temperature even without opting for some medicines.

Here are some of ways to cool down your child’s body temperature without using any medication –

Put washcloth on the forehead

First of all, take the conventional route and follow the grandma’s advice – place a cool, damp washcloth on the forehead of your child

Cool the different parts of the body gently  

Make the child rest for as long as possible and you continue with the practice of putting the wet cloth on the different parts of the body, including skin

Give a sponge bath

You can give the child a sponge bath or a tube bath (with lukewarm water) as this will help cold down the temperature in a big way

Avoid cold water

Never ever use cold water as it does have an adverse effect or can make the child shiver and bring a rise to the body temperature

No use of alcohol

Never use alcohol for rubbing purpose as this method too can make the temperature go up, and even might cause alcohol poisoning

Give plenty of fluids

Give the child plenty of fluids to keep him hydrated and also to lower the temperature down from the inside

Give chilled foods

Chilled foods are very helpful in cooling the body and minimizing the risk of hydration

Keep the milieu colder

Make sure the environment around the child is not hot and you can use a fan to let some air gets circulated around

Stick with single layer of clothing

Don’t let the child wear layers of clothing as it can prevent heat from getting through the skin easily

Make the body lose the heat

If he or she is not shivering, have just one layer of dress so that there is not issue in losing the heat through the body

Don’t use a blanket for long

A blanket can be worn if the fever is making the child shiver but make sure to take it off once she feels warm again

Stay indoors

When the child has fever, it’s advisable to keep him/her indoors in a cool place to not let it rise

Avoid fatigue or exhaustion

Never let the child engage in play or activity and rather make the rest as much as possible to get the fever down

Call the doctor

Never hesitate to call the doctor or visit a clinic if you feel the child has fever with some symptoms like difficulty breathing or skin rashes

Never ignore a fever

Take fever seriously and first do the needful at home before turning to a doctor

Have a thermometer ready at home

Have a quality thermometer by your side, preferably the digital variety, to check the temperature as and when you deem fit

Buy a digital version of thermometer for accurate results

You can check digital thermometer online, compare features form different brands, and the choose the best for your requirements