No professional biker is complete without a power meter. These smart devices update you on your power output while you ride. If you are all set to participate in a race, it’s high time you invest in a power meter. The article below presents key points from experts on choosing the best power meter for your needs.

Research the different types of power meters

Before you buy, research the different types of power meters. There are 7 main types including;

  • pedal
  • road
  • crank arm
  • OFPM
  • bottom bracket
  • hub
  • chainring

Check their position on the bike, their prices, features, advantages and disadvantages. For example, the power meter for a biker on road may be much different for a rider on a track.

Accuracy matters

Power meters are meant to offer you a clear reading of your power output or performance. And when you are preparing for a race, you need to get the most accurate reading of your power. Inaccurate data will misguide you. The closer the power meter is to the source of the power generation, the more accurate the readings will be. For this reason, pedal-based meters are said to offer more accurate readings than other meter types. On the other hand, crank & chainring counterparts are more accurate compared to hub-based options. It all depends on what’s comfortable for you.

Easy portability

If you ride on multiple bikes, you will definitely want a power meter that will fit and be interchangeable. There’s no point in getting separate power meters for individual bikes. Thus, mind the “portability” quotient when you are planning to buy a power meter.

Look for a reliable source

Your chosen store should be backed by a solid market reputation and long line of happy customers. Moreover, a reliable store like Power Meter City generally promises premium power meters from premier brands only. The best stores also assure 100% customer satisfaction for each power meter they sell.

High durability

Power meters are a substantial investment and you should definitely investigate the durability aspect of the device. The power meter you choose should be able to survive rough environment and wear & tear in the long run. Hub-based, chainring-based and pedal-based power meters are highly durable. However, of all these, the chainring ones are the most easily replaceable.

Lastly, make sure your chosen power meter is backed by a solid warranty.