Getting certified and learning how to become a personal trainer in just 4 weeks is actually easy, especially if you have an interest in the field and are committed enough. The most challenging part of being a personal trainer is sustaining a successful career and earning a living from it. Today, trainers in the UK need to earn at least £50,000 annually to have a decent lifestyle. There are different approaches to achieve this. A trainer who works 40 hours each week will need to earn about £20 per hour, while a trainer who works 20 hours each week will need to earn £50 per hour. Both will similarly earn £50,000 each year.

    It can be argued that the trainer who works only 20 hours per week is richer, because that person can spend more time with family and friends. It’s also about having the luxury of time. Working less and earning more is possible for many trainers by following some simple rules:

  1. Give 110% effort: This means that trainers need to give 10 percent more value to clients compared to other personal trainers. Clients must clearly see and fell that they are benefitting more by working with a personal trainer. Clients will agree to pay more if they get more from every hour they work out.
  2. Learn about psychology: In the personal training field, motivation is an essential factor. People need to be stimulated externally and internally. Personal trainers should be able to convince people that they can do anything and that they will be able to reach their goals.
  3. Time management: If trainers want to work less and earn more, it is critical to have proper good time management skills. Every training session should be seen as a paid appointment, which can’t be cancelled or moved. Cancelling or moving a training session will disappoint client and ruin your time management efforts possibly even affecting other clients as well.  
  4. Be willing to work hard initially: In most cases, it’s not possible to work less and earn more initially. Trainers will need to focus more on building their business an extra five hours each week before reaching this stage. This will ensure that the business can generate more revenue while building a larger client list. Personal trainers should be dedicated to growing their business.

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