A very common problem people face these days is that they are not able to satisfy their partner in the bedroom, sometimes this happens because of physical and biological problems of one of the partners but sometimes this is because of the internal fear of one of the partners. Wearing and keeping healing stones and crystals with you is a easy and simple way enhance your romantic charm and enjoy sex life. Most of the times when it comes to the spicing up your sexual life, you face trouble in deciding that where to start and this happens because of your shy behavior. Some people are embarrassed to speak to their partners about their physical and mental situation. If you want to create more passion in the bedroom and want to satisfy your partner like you have never done before then it’s really important for you to keep the following gemstones and crystals with you.

Red Jasper:

   This stone will energies and give strength to your sex drive and enhance your excitement during sex with your partner. This stone will energies your sacral chakra and its related organs. It will also help you to ignite your internal desire and will enhance your virility.

Orange Carnelian:

   This crystal help you to energies the desires of male and female sex organs. Wearing this stone all day will help you to gain energy from the environment and use it in the bedroom. This stone will recharge the sacral chakra and help you satisfy your partner.

Garnet Stone:

   This stone is able to dissolve the blockages that exist in your lower chakras. This stone is also known for the physical love the relationship between loving partners. You can revive your sexual connections and increase passion in your relationship.

Smoky quartz stone:

   This stone will help you in cleaning the sexual centers so that the energy can flow easily and freely. Smoky quartz stone will also help you to accept that the sex was normal, passionate, and enjoyable. This is the best stone for men to keep with them all the time because it has the capabilities of increasing the sexual abilities of man.

Rose quartz stone:

   This is the perfect stone to keep in the room because it helps both the partners to trust each other and opens the doors to more understanding and communication. This stone is also known as the stone of love.

How to use crystals to improve Sex & Intimate Relationships

These crystals are the best for creating a strong sexual relationship between you and your partner. You can use them in different ways to improve your sexual abilities.

  •    While lying down, place a rose quartz in the area above your heart after massaging it. This will open your heart to receive and give love.
  •    Massage the inner thighs and place a smoky quartz between them so that the energy of passion can freely.
  •    Massage the area below your navel and place an orange carnelian on your second chakra to recharge your sexual energies.
  •    Wear gemstone mala beads while you are with your partner. You can also use the mala to chant mantra “Om Namo Bhagvate Kamadevaye, Yasya Yasya Drishyo Bhavami, Yashch Yashch Mum Mukham Pachyati Tam” to invoke Kamadev, the Hindu God of love and sexual desire.
  •    Place several different gemstone crystals in your bedroom. Make sure they are visible from the view of your bed.
  •    You can also place small and flat healing gemstones under your mattress to help invigorate your sexual organs while you sleep and make love.