There was a time when hemp was not that much legal in many parts of the world. But those days are a history now, as hemp consumption has been legalized and gained widespread acceptance. With scientists and marketers in constant pursuit to find out better ways of consuming CBG, pre-rolled cigarettes have been the most convenient option so far.

CBG pre rolls are made by using the grinded up hemp flower and it gives an unusual and premium smoking experience while eliminating marijuana’s psychoactive effects. As pre-rolls are completely free from nicotine, these are not addictive as well. On the contrary, a bunch of scientists from the University College of London stated that they believe these pre-rolls might have the potential to help people ditch their nicotine addiction.

Before we explore more about hemp pre-rolls, let us understand what is CBG.

CBG, the abbreviation of Cannabigerol is an organic compound mainly found in cannabis plant. Being considered as a minor cannabinoid compared to the other prime cannabinoids, it is found at a mere proportion of 1-2% in the hemp flower.

The CBGA is mainly the acidic form of CBG and can be hailed as the real star of the show. Three of the main cannabinoids including THC, CBC and CBD are being extracted from CBGA, and the residual that does not get converted is formed into CBG via decarboxylation.

Furthermore, here is a glimpse on the legality of CBG pre rolls.

In USA, a strong disconnection lies in between the state and federal laws on smokable hemp so far. Hemp cultivation has achieved legal permission from the federal authority after establishment of the 2018 US Farm Act. However, few states have not yet stated the difference between marijuana and hemp and that is where the confusion lies. So, even if hemp consumption is legally approved at the federal level, you might need to go through a list of state legal instructions and should be aware of beforehand.

Coming back to the available choices when it comes to CBG pre rolls, the Hawaiian Haze cannabis strain produced by Come Back Daily is packed with a handful of brilliant features. While being blended with high quality white CBG hemp flower, and being enriched with CBG and CBD cannabinoids, it will leave a refined taste altogether with you. The CBG+Hawaiian Haze pre roll can be your ultimate choice because of the following reasons:

Rich in flavor and aroma: The earthy pine smell along with scents of tropical flowers and fruits makes this product the most likely choice of everyone.

Dominance: The white CBG flower along with the cannabinoids present in Hawaiian Haze offer a super strong entourage effect, thereby leaving you with an extraordinary smoking experience altogether.

Potency: With CBGa having a potency level of 17.69% and CBDa with 17.30%, this product comes with an increased level of therapeutic effect. As the two cannabinoids is enriched with high levels of terpenes, it also amplifies the entourage effect.

Extras: Being produced in USA, the strain of this CBG Hawaiian Haze pre roll does not consist of any trace of GMOs. Moreover, the THC level is less than even 0.3% as it is obtained from the hemp plant. As a result, it comes with non-psychotic properties as well.

Lastly, always go for the brand that meets your requirements right and offer you complete satisfaction. Gather ample knowledge about the other products available as well and choose the product that not only assures premium quality but delivers an unforgettable smoking experience.