Feeling anxious about anything can be harmful for your body – if this feeling persists for a long time. You should try to remain calm so that your nervous system works better. There are people who have such prolonged anxiety disorder and they fail to manage their anxiety. They need to sleep and keep their mind blank for some time. Only sleeping can calm their mind and the Etizeal is one such medicine that can induce sleep to the people who are restless or anxious. This one relaxes the skeletal muscles and is often named as an anxiolytic or an anticonvulsant medication. This helps in inducing deep sleep to the anxious patient and then the patient gets some rest to recuperate his mental and physical condition.

Doses and treatment

There are different types of treatment for insomnia and the Etizeal makes it good for a short term treatment. The 1mg tablets are good for treating short term insomnia. There are people who get panic attacks and this medicine is a good way to get the panic management into reality. The anxiety management requires the medication of 0.5mg – 1mg, 3 times in a day. When it is insomnia that you are facing, you should go for 1 – 2 mg tablets in a day and this should be taken about 30 minutes before going to bed. This will sooth the body and mind and will introduce calmness and sleep.

Situations for anxiety attacks

These tablets are good for patients who have faced a lot of pressure due to anxiety. Often you will find that anxiety comes due to overwork. Working extra time is a way one gets to complete their working schedule. This often leads to overwork and a lot of stress. This is something that is taken by everyone but there are people who adapt to these stressful situations better than others. This is the way through which anxiety of not completing the work in time or any other anxiety creeps into mind. The person should then start getting sleepless nights.

A few such nights will make a person want to sleep but anxiety keeps him awake. Often social pressure makes one anxious as everyone needs social acceptance. There are people who get a denial or fear some denial from the society and gets anxious. There are different other reasons that give way to anxiety attacks and make the person weak and susceptible. The tablet keeps your brain at rest so that it can keep out the stimulations and get to sleep.

Panic attacks and symptoms

There are some specific symptoms for panic attacks. You will find the Etizeal tablets to be useful when these attacks come over. There are symptoms like shortness of breath and palpitations of the heart. Often one gets chest pain or a certain discomfort at the chest area, sweating and nausea, dizziness, numbness or a tingling sensation, hot flashes or cold sweat or cold flash and an unrealistic fear of dying. The person who gets this sort of feeling thinks these to be very real and they get more nervous due to these symptoms. The medication becomes necessary at this point of time so that they get required rest for long hours and get back to the normal life.