The term “jowls” refers to a collection of loose, extra skin that can be found in the lower parts of the face. The appearance of jowls is something that happens to a large majority of people. Although the accumulation of sagging skin can be caused by variables such as weight swings and/or a hereditary predisposition, the majority of the time, it is simply caused by the normal aging process, during which the skin begins to lose collagen and elasticity. Other possible causes include: However, there are treatments that may substantially diminish the symptoms of jowls and refresh this prominent part of the face. Jowls can have a major influence on the lines of the jawline and on the overall facial aesthetics.

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Surgery to raise the lower part of the face, known as a facelift, is frequently considered the most effective method of treating jowls. A facelift is intended to rejuvenate the area of the face that extends from the midface to the lower face, and it is usually performed in conjunction with a neck lift, which is intended to revitalize the area of the neck that extends from the chin to the hairline. Facelift surgery may recontour the jawline area and practically eradicate the look of jowls by removing extra skin and making the skin that is left behind tighter. In addition, by toning the deeper tissues in the face anatomy, one can produce results that continue to be effective many years after the treatment has been performed.

A non-surgical therapy such as injectable dermal fillers may provide a certain amount of obvious improvement for women and men who are suffering from more subtle symptoms of jowling. The purpose of using facial fillers like JUVÉDERM VOLUMATM XC or one of the other available choices is to increase volume in certain regions of the face with the intention of “camouflaging” jowls to some degree. When this is taken into consideration, the outcomes of cosmetic injectables will not be as long-lasting as those of facelift surgery, and the effects will most likely not be as dramatic. However, if surgery is not something that is wanted, dermal fillers may be a suitable alternative for those who have jowls that are not as severe as those seen in surgical patients.