If you are conscious about your personality, you must be worried about how to get a bigger butt fast. The best answer is to increase the muscle mass of your gluteus (butt) Maximus. Your gluteus is constituted of three muscles; namely gluteus Maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

The outermost muscle gluteus Maximus is the largest and rotates your hip and makes your leg move towards and away from your body. Moreover, gluteus Maximus increases the strength, power and speed of your lower body.

The following 3 weight lifting compound exercises are designed to strengthen your gluteus, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. You will get the answer to your question; how to get a bigger butt. They create a butt which is rounded outward with improved separation of muscles from the hit attachment point and give a higher look.

You should perform the individual exercise for one set of 8 to 12 repetitions and two to three days per week, as recommended by the American Council of Exercise (ACE):

  1. Squats

For body weight squat, put a resistance band around your legs, a little above our knees. To put tension on the brand, stand up, putting your feet, shoulder distance apart. After reaching to your arms forward, parallel to the floor, you need to bend your knees.

Lower down to squat on the floor by pushing your hips back, while resisting the band. Stay at the bottom for two seconds. Then, stand up fully by driving into your heels and contract your gluteus at the top. Repeat this rep, 15 times. Go in for deeper full or parallel squats; not half squats. Instead of resistance band, you can use dumb bells or barbells.

  1. Lunges

Perform lunges first without resistance and then, on further progress, use dumbbells. To start, stand erect with your feet together and then, take one step forward and place it flat on the floor, in your front. Then, bend your knees for lowering your hips straight to the ground and bring your knee joints to the perpendicular position. Then, push back with your forward leg, return back to the standing position.

Repeat this on the same leg for a number of times. You can also perform it on the alternate leg. Other alternatives are walking lunges, reverse lunges and clock lunges.

  1. Good Morning Lift

Also known as Hip Hinge, this exercise is similar to the movement to a bow. To start with, put a lightweight barbell or weight bar across your upper back, shoulders and behind your neck. Hold up your chest and slightly tilt your head, upward. Put your feet apart, a little wider than shoulder width and point your toes, slightly upward.

From the erect position, bend at the hips by keeping your back and knees straight. At the time of bending, allow your buttocks to move straight back while descending. Keep bending till your upper body is parallel to the floor. Then, returning to the starting position, repeat.

For acquiring an attractive butt, you should participate consistently in weight training workouts, specifically designed for increasing muscle mass and overloading your butt.