Major issues faced by most of the female gender are pimples and dark spots on their faces. They are several reasons for pimples formation on an individual. Dandruff is a major reason; too much dandruff will cause pimples on the forehead. Some people use pimple marks removal creams without knowing the reason of pimple formation on their face. As mentioned earlier pimples on the face may be formed due to several reasons. It is always the best advice to consult a doctor and know the reason for pimples on your face. Then, use appropriate pimple marks removal creams which are suitable for you. Let us understand simple home remedies to remove pimple marks and methods of How to remove dark spots on face. 


  • Applying Aloe Vera:


Aloe Vera helps in reducing dark spots and pigmentation on an individual. Its usage protects the skin from damage caused by UV radiation. This will remove dark spots on your face. You can also moisturize your face with Aloe Vera to remove pimples instated of using pimple marks removal creams. 

1: Take aloe Vera gel and mix it with few drops of honey

2: Apply in on the skin for 10 minutes 

3: Later rinse your skin with lukewarm. 

  • Applying Turmeric powder:

Since ancient times, turmeric has been used as a face pack in most Indian houses because of its medical properties. It helps in balancing the pH level of the skin and adds a radiant glow to your skin by removing dark spots on face. 

1: Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it with few drops of lemon juice. Make it into a paste formation. 

2: Apply the paste on the affected areas of the skin. 

3: After 15minutes wash your face with lukewarm water. 


  • Apple cider vinegar:


Applying Apple cider vinegar on your face helps to restore the natural colour of the skin as it has got astringent properties in it. It also contains beta carotene which is effective in treating the damages caused in the skin. Apply it on the affected areas of the skin twice a week for best results. 

1: Mix apple cider vinegar with water and dilute it.

2: Apply the mixture in the affected areas. 

3: Leave it for few minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water for best results. 

Thus, if you are wondering about how to remove dark spots from face, this is the best option. Instead of you using chemical products which may lead you to several side effects, follow these simple home remedy tips. To remove pimple marks permanently from your face you can use home remedy items such as baking soda, garlic, honey, cucumber, ice, lemon juice, tea tree oil. Follow these simple instructions twice a week and at the end of the month you will experience clear, bright and glowing skin. As these items are affordable, you can also suggest these simple tips to your friends and family.